Today marks the opening of the Jubilee for the Dominican Order!

To celebrate this momentous anniversary, the Eastern Province (Province of St. Joseph) has set up an 800th Jubilee website with all sorts of information.

On top of that, at St. Louis Bertrand, our wonderful Dominican friars are hosting a number of events, which you can find at the Anniversary Events webpage.

The international Order also will have a daily lectio divina offering on its website.  You can find more information at the Eastern Province’s website or at the Order’s Jubilee website.

Finally, the Apostolic Penitentiary has granted a plenary indulgence for the 800th Jubilee.  More information can be found on the decree, which is below.  It seems as though you can gain an indulgence for the poor souls in Purgatory every day!  Something very exciting, and we all should do!

Jubilee Indulgence (2)